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Paracetamol and alcohol, a dangerous ingredient

Paracetamol is an over-the-counter drug. Used to relieve fever and pain. Paracetamol is an ingredient in many painkillers and cough syrups. Paracetamol is considered very safe. If used as directed, but with paracetamol and alcohol, Can be dangerous in ways you might not expect. Paracetamol with alcohol Although paracetamol

10 benefits of mangosteen, the queen of fruits

“Mangosteen” is a fruit that Thai people are familiar with and may be a favorite of many people. Especially when knowing how rich in nutrients and vitamins mangosteen is . Probably not too much of a metaphor. Because in a small mangosteen This contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. ufabet

Alonso father dies at 63.

Barcelona left-back Marcos Alonso Mendoza has lost his father. Marcos Alonso Peña, who died on Thursday following a two-year battle with illness. Marcos Alonso Peña, the father of Barcelona left-back Marcos Mendoza has died aged 63 after battling illness in the last two years. According

Messi brother apologizes after taunting Barca.

Matias Messi the older brother of Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi has apologized to Barcelona for criticizing him for his younger brother but betrayed. Mathias hit Barcelona and president Joan Laporta during his live broadcast for his frustration over a number of issues. And forced his

Corona boarded discusses with Lim about a new trainer.

Miguel Angel Corona is in Singapore to discuss the marriage from new trainer to Valencia owner Peter Lim. Valencia sporting director Miguel Angel Corona has boarded a flight to Singapore to hold talks with Bats owner Peter Lim about finding a new football trainer. According to

Laporta ready to cut salary ceiling this summer.

Joan Laporta has confirmed Barcelona will try to take at least a €170m salary cut this summer to comply with La Liga restrictions. Barcelona president Joan Laporta has confirmed. The Azulgrana are ready to take a wage cut of at least 170 million euros to

Inter Milan fear losing Alessandro Bastoni against Skriniar.

Inter Milan fear that Alessandro Bastoni contract expires next year. Following Milan Skriniar’s footsteps. Corriere dello Sport and Italian media Tutto Sport reported that. Negotiations between Representatives of Inter and Bastoni’s agent were put on hold. Because an agreement could not be reached. After the last few