The Super League doesn’t give up and returns again with a new format.

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The European Super League organizers reveal a new format with up-down teams and 60-80 clubs football participating in the tournament. Previously, there had been strong opposition to the point that the project had to be abandoned two years ago.

In 2021, many of the top clubs in Europe including Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea from the Premier League. Have joined hands to organize a new program together called Super League by competing alongside domestic league games. 

But at that time, there was strong opposition, especially the majority of football fans who did not agree, causing the project to fail. UFABET New in order to compete with the Champions League.

The A22s revealed a new format for the European Super League and claimed to have talked with clubs across Europe about 60-80 teams participating. Each team will play at least 14 games per season. and no permanent members. 

The organizers insist that the new Super League idea does not require participating members to leave their domestic league. But does not specify when the program will begin. and which clubs participated in the competition for the first time.

Bernd Reichart, CEO of A22 Sports Management, said: “The foundation of European football is at risk of collapsing. It’s time for a change. Because while the club has to bear the risk But they do not have the collective power to decide on important issues. And when clubs speak out against the existing system They always use threats.”