Liverpool shocked Gakpo may rest for 6 weeks.

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Liverpool are at work again, with key striker Cody Gakpo likely to be sidelined for six weeks due to his latest injury.

Kakpo scored the team’s only goal in their last Premier League game, narrowly losing 1-2 to Spurs on Saturday. Along with the hot issue of the referee’s malfeasance.

The Netherlands forward was substituted at halftime due to injury from a collision with Spurs defender Destiny Udoghi. Causing his own ankle to twist and land on the ground in a terrifying manner UFABET

At this time, the recovery period has not been confirmed by the Liverpool club. But experts estimate that it may take up to 6 weeks because after the game you will have to leave the field wearing protective equipment.

Expert opinion states that “A twisted ankle contributes to the impact on the knee. Wearing knee protection indicates a second- or third-degree injury. And his ankle is also a concern.” 

In general, a first-degree injury takes 1-2 weeks to recover. A second-degree injury takes 3-6 weeks and a third-degree injury takes 6-8 weeks.

This is in line with Dutch journalist Rik Elfrink who reported that. Gakpo will have to rest for several weeks from the aforementioned injury. Which is very bad news for the Swans because he is performing well. Scored 3 goals in 6 starting matches.