Liverpool said they couldn’t accept the mistake of the referee organization.

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Liverpool issued a statement in response to England’s professional football refereeing body (PGMOL) calling it unacceptable. After making a mistake in the last Premier League game. The “Reds” lost to Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 last Saturday.

Before losing in stoppage time from Joel Matip’s own goal. Liverpool should have taken the lead from the moment Mohamed Salah flowed the ball for Luis Diaz to slip away and shoot netting. But he was caught offside by the referee. Which from the slow motion picture clearly shows no offside at all. And it should be a clean door.UFABET 

After the game, PGMOL The statement admitted that there had been a mistake, claiming it was human error and contacted the “Reds” to admit their mistake.

Meanwhile, Liverpool issued a statement in response expressing their dissatisfaction.

stating: “Liverpool recognizes the acknowledgment of errors by the refereeing body that it is clear that the rules were not properly enforced. and raises doubts about the transparency of the competition.”

“We accept that referees act under pressure and VAR should be implemented to reduce this pressure. not increasing Therefore, it is unsatisfactory that they did not take enough time to reach a correct judgment. and there was no intervention later.”

“The failures that occurred were classified as This is ‘clearly human error’ which is also unacceptable. Judgment results in every case They should be considered with full transparency. That is important for reliability. Because it will be enforced on all clubs.”

“This is important to the credibility of future judgments. And all clubs should learn from the development process to ensure this cannot happen again.”

“At the same time, it is clear that there must be a step up and a solution. We will consider every option available to do so.” 

Darren England and Dan Cook, who are VAR staff members, have also been suspended from duty in the next match.