Live Roulette Rules and Bet Types.

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Coming to one more part that newbies must learn. That is about the structure and characteristics of each type of live online roulette rules. Differences that affect the house edge. There is also the matter of various betting options. Details to tell which numbers each option covers. Along with the rate of payment if you are ready bets. Follow us and see together roulette rules.

Roulette wheel structure.

As mentioned above about the types of roulette. We have selected 3 main types. In this section we will show you the structure of each roulette that is different. So that players can try to study before deciding to play. We have included illustrations for each category as follows UFABET 

  • american roulette

The wheel has 38 boxes consisting of numbers 1-36, each box has alternate black and red, with the other 2 boxes indicating the numbers 0 and 00 and green.

  • european roulette

The most popular version of the roulette wheel, the wheel has 37 slots consisting of numbers 1-36 and only one green slot is 0.

  • french roulette

The format is the same as European roulette, which is a wheel with 36 boxes, consisting of numbers 1-36, black and red boxes and 1 box that is the number 0, the green box.