Laporta ready to cut salary ceiling this summer.

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Joan Laporta has confirmed Barcelona will try to take at least a €170m salary cut this summer to comply with La Liga restrictions.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has confirmed. The Azulgrana are ready to take a wage cut of at least 170 million euros to comply with La Liga rules. After the City league’s spending limit has been exceeded. Bull this season. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Thursday. 

La Liga president Javier Tebas revealed a few weeks ago that Barcelona will need to take a wage cut of about 200 million euros this summer to avoid restrictions. That would cost Azul Grana to sell €20-30m depending on player salaries. Before July in order to comply with the rules and be able to register players with La Liga. 

‘We all know that La Liga sets their account limits, at FC Barcelona we have a salary cap. A 300-350m euro surplus that makes sports management difficult for us.’  UFABET 

Laporta said:

‘I never stop appreciating Mateu Alemani’s work and football management. We pull the lever to have a competitive team. In the summer we will take a wage reduction of 170 million euros since we arrived. We bought it for €215m and sold it for €141m. While we still exceeded the salary cap, it made La Liga more stringent rules.’

However, the Azul Grana president also blamed La Liga for the problems Barcelona are facing in the battle between the Catalan giants and La Liga president Tebas. 

‘We handled the registration of players with a big effort. But La Liga has changed the rules so we can’t do this. It is a constant tug of war that complicates our planning process. We will continue to work on skills so they can be registered. And we will try to convince La Liga to adjust the rules to be more flexible. Which prevents us from competing with our competitors In other countries ‘fair play’ is more flexible’.