Techniques for treating sunburn skin yourself.

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 If the skin is exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, it may cause sunburn. The area of ​​skin exposed to the sun will gradually become burnt after being in the hot sun for more than 15 minutes. However, there are many solutions to the sunburn problem and methods to help take care of and restore the damaged skin back to health. Which can be studied from the following information

Apply aloe vera to the skin. 

From research, it was found that the clear gelatin Aloe vera helps treat psoriasis. Dermatitis, dry, cracked skin, abrasions, and helps relieve mild sunburn symptoms. Because aloe vera contains salicylic acid. Keeps bacteria at bay. and helps to shed new skin cells It also has many other skin protecting and healing substances, preferably using natural aloe vera pulp. Or gel containing 100% aloe vera, free of dyes, scents, chemicals, and perfumes. Apply it on sunburned skin to reduce inflammation from sunburn. Increase moisture in the wound tissue area. It may help relieve pain in the burn area. If you want your skin to heal quickly. You may choose to use 100% aloe vera gel in spray form. To avoid touching the affected area and prevent further peeling of the skin UFABET

Moisturize the skin.

 Use moisturizing skin care products to prevent peeling. Choose a product for sensitive skin and apply it to the burned area after showering. The skin cream will help retain moisture. Reduce irritation and restore sunburned skin to heal faster

Compress the skin with chamomile tea.

 In addition to helping you feel relaxed. Chamomile tea also has properties that help relieve sunburned skin. By soaking tea powder in hot water and leaving it to cool. Then take a clean towel and dip it in the tea water. Use the cloth to compress the burned area. But people who are allergic to pollen should not be treated with this method. Because it may cause the skin to have an allergic reaction.    

Soak in cool water.

 Using cold water can help reduce inflammation from prolonged exposure to the sun. You may try soaking in the sea water while relaxing on the beach. Soak in the bathtub Or take a dip in the swimming pool to relieve sunburn. But you should avoid swimming pools that contain chlorine. This can irritate the skin and cause more inflammation. Additionally, you should avoid applying ice to sunburned areas. Because the coldness of the ice will damage the skin and cause more damage to the skin.