important breakfast should not be overlooked

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Breakfast is an important meal. Every morning everyone rushes to go to school. going to work may cause many people to not eat or neglect “Breakfast” but did you know that “Breakfast” is a meal that is more important than other meals? Because eating breakfast will help fill our empty stomach all night long. Important when waking up in the morning Your blood sugar level will be low. when getting up to move around doing various activities will feel hungry Breakfast is the most important meal for energy.

abstaining from breakfast causing the body to receive insufficient energy and nutrients to meet the needs of the body Because the human stomach has a limited capacity for each meal. Especially in school-age children whose stomach size is smaller than adults. while having higher energy and nutrient requirements per unit weight than adults Since they are still growing, everyone needs to eat at least 3 meals a day.

According to the principles of nutrition, every important meal should eat every meal in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of the body. The body will receive enough energy and nutrients. by in children to keep the body growing But in adults, it is used to repair the worn out parts of the body. Breakfast is beneficial to the body as follows.

1. Breakfast helps control weight.

because from dinner until the morning We have been fasting for almost 12 hours and if we do not eat breakfast even more. lower blood sugar The body still feels hungry all the time. Makes consumption of the next meal more and wanting to eat food little by little who tend to choose foods that are higher in energy than the body needs in the next meal, causing unconscious weight gain Obesity and subsequent non-communicable diseases

2. Reduce the risk of vascular disease brain and heart disease

Because in the morning our blood is highly concentrated resulting in the blood vessels that feed the brain. or heart blockage But if eating will help dilute the concentration in the blood.

3. It helps to dilute the concentration in the blood.

By people who eat breakfast will have insulin resistance. foods according to nutrition flags Food that makes the baby which is the cause of diabetes is reduced to a percentage as well must complete the value and must be diverse

4. Reduce the chance of gallstones in the gallbladder.

Not eating for more than 14 hours will cause cholesterol. Eating for more than 14 hours will cause cholesterol to clump together and form stones. But if we eat breakfast It stimulates the liver to release bile to dissolve the cholesterol that has accumulated.

5. Brain-Boosting Breakfast 

Eating breakfast increases the efficiency of studying and working the memory system. learning skills