10 benefits of mangosteen, the queen of fruits

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Mangosteen is a fruit that Thai people are familiar with and may be a favorite of many people. Especially when knowing how rich in nutrients and vitamins mangosteen is . Probably not too much of a metaphor. Because in a small mangosteen This contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

The benefits of mangosteen are as follows:

  1. contains vitamin C that helps shorten the duration of the flu to recover faster. Strengthen the immune system for the body. and reduce the risk of scurvy (Bleeding from the gums)
  2. contains vitamin B complex (B1, niacin) that helps in energy metabolism. and helps the digestive system work better
  3. contains folate that is good for pregnant women. Because it helps prevent birth defects in babies. Helps in the production of mother’s milk after birth. It also reduces the risk of heart disease as well.
  4. contains a lot of dietary fiber. that helps the functioning of the digestive system and reduce the risk of various intestinal diseases
  5. research found Mangosteen extract has anti-invasive effects of colon and prostate cancer. 
  6. peel is also rich in phytochemicals Xanthone, so there are often products extracted from mangosteen peel mixed in food and drink for health supplements . 
  7. contains substances that have high antioxidant activity. anti-inflammatory
  8. Mangosteen is a low calorie and fibre-rich fruit. suitable for weight loss 
  9. helps produce red blood cells. can help increase red blood cells therefore suitable for people with anemia
  10. Mangosteen has properties in treating gingivitis and gum disease. 

Caution when eating mangosteen

Some people have heard of eating mangosten. Steamed to be a medicine for various diseases by bringing nutrients from the mangosteen peel to infiltrate more into the mangosten flesh. and in fact, if eating high doses of mangosten peel extract May affect liver and kidney function. Mangosten extract supplements may also affect liver and kidney function. Therefore, people with congenital disease Especially liver and kidney disease, including diabetes and other diseases, should consult a doctor before taking mangosten supplements.

The fresh mangosten should not eat too much. should alternate eating with fruit and other foods to get a variety of nutrients and sufficient for the needs of the body